Matthew Lee Rosen: Baseball Card Artist, Designer, and Presentation Specialist

Logo of artist and designer Matthew Lee Rosen (aka Matthew Rosen)


Matthew Lee Rosen leaning on the wall of a Rogers Park mural.

Presentation Specialist & Graphics Operator

You can often find me traveling across the globe to help produce live corporate events. I freelance as a graphics operator, offering my design expertise in Powerpoint, Keynote and Adobe applications for speaker support. I’ve been operating show graphics for over 15 years.

Once upon a time ago… Matthew grew up in Coral Springs, FL and graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He then earned his B.A. in Advertising & Public Relations at UCF.

Nowadays, he spends a lot of time working backstage.

Rosen operating graphics backstage at a corporate event.

Baseball Card Artist

I repurpose vintage baseball cards to celebrate the pop culture of America’s pastime. A recurring theme of my work is the mass overproduction of cards in the 1980’s… also referred to by hobbyists as the Junk Wax Era.
Follow me on Twitter for updates on my artwork. The growing collection of paintings, prints, and accessories is available for purchase online at

Matthew Lee Rosen turns junk wax into diamonds.

A gallery wall of baseball card artwork by Matthew Lee Rosen.

Apparel Maker & Product Designer

I often dream up things that don’t exist… so I have to make them myself! In 2012, I created the world’s first fantasy sports apparel brand, Fantag, with licenses from the NFLPA and MLBPA. While the licenses have since expired, I’ve continued to create my own personal apparel.
My signature item is the Custom Kangol, which always draws attention from strangers. I’ve also recently collaborated with Pillbox Co. on a special Artist Series of baseball bats.

Compliments are guaranteed with Rosen’s custom designs.

Rosen wearing one of his signature custom Kangol caps.

Mural Mapper

Inspired by the street art in my neighborhood of Rogers Park, I decided to photograph and map them all on Instagram. It became my own personal #MuralMap project. This new hobby quickly expanded to other cities during my frequent travels. From New York to San Fran… Bangkok to Dublin… I’ve mapped hundreds of murals!

Matthew Lee Rosen’s #MuralMap pins street art all across the states and overseas.

Matthew during one of his mural hunting adventures.

I do it all for the art of it.
What can I do for you?