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Artist & designer Matthew Lee Rosen
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You can often find me traveling across the globe to help produce live events for America’s Fortune 500. I primarily offer my expertise as a Presentation Specialist and Graphics Operator with 10+ years of experience in corporate event production. My career development began at UCF, the largest university in the United States.

People are always stopping me to ask where they can buy one of my homemade Custom Kangols. So, I put them on Etsy along with my other creations!

In 2012, I just so happened to have created the world's first fantasy sports apparel line with licenses from the NFLPA & MLBPA. While the licenses have since expired, many of my Fantag-branded designs are still available on Spreadshirt.

I’ve been painting since my college days, and most recently began turning old baseball cards into wall art. You can view most of my work on Behance.

Inspired by the many murals in my neighborhood, I began a personal #MuralMap project on Instagram to share my favorite artwork and motivate others to visit them.

I use Twitter primarily to wax about the Cubs (I'm a proud season ticket holder) and voice my displeasure of Trump. My RISP-O-Meter was influenced by Dave Cihla's original homemade Shawon-O-Meter sign from the summer of 1989.

I do it all for the art of it.
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