View this post on Instagram A post shared by Matthew Lee Rosen (@matthewleerosen) on Mar 26, 2020 at 9:50am PDT // In 1991, Donruss doubled the size of their Rated Rookie subset from 20 cards to 40, by issuing a Series 1 & 2 (featuring different colored borders & backs). #baseballart #baseballcardart #donruss #ratedrookie #baseballcardsContinue reading

Happy T-Giving! I’m thankful for the opportunity to produce this fun series of bats with @pillboxbatco The final one is named “Full Count.” I was inspired by the @jumbotronart book to celebrate the pixels of the old digital scoreboards… topped off with a funky 70’s font on the handle. #baseballbats #chicagocubs #wrigleyfield #topps #donruss #baseballcardartContinue reading

In 1982, Donruss introduced their Diamond Kings subset, featuring the artwork of @dickperezart Each wax pack also included a puzzle piece for a HOF King. Babe Ruth was the inaugural puzzle… but, I chose 1989’s Warren Spahn, which featured a yellow & red star border pattern. Original artwork by #MatthewLeeRosen #baseballcardartist #baseballcardart #popart #sportsart #baseballartContinue reading

Donruss (@paniniamerica) introduced the Rated Rookie in 1984, then unveiled the iconic logo in ‘85. Canseco made it a sensation in ’86, and popularity grew with the card boom. In ’91, Donruss got greedy and doubled the size of the subset from 20 cards to 40, by issuing a Series 1 & 2… featuring differentContinue reading